My TBR for 2019

What’s a TBR you may be asking?

TBR means “To Be Read”.  It’s a list (or pile, or shelf) of books I want to read above and beyond the random stuff that be will read as the year goes on.

I have a Goodreads goal of 30 books for the year.  I am well on my way to that, with 6 books already completed, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin and the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness among them.

I have been collecting new (and old) books to read for a while now.  Some are the first books in a series, and if I enjoy those, I will, of course, finish the series out.  One of the books, Good Omens, is a book I have read before and have thoroughly enjoyed.  With a limited TV series set to come out on Amazon Prime this year, I figured I would re-familiarize myself with its prose.


Some of these books I bought new, some used.  I’m going to be honest and say I probably wouldn’t have considered some of them if I had to buy them new.  One of them was even written by someone I am vaguely acquainted with!

What is on your TBR list for the year?

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