A Great Love Affair

No, I’m not talking about the love I feel for the hubs, though that is epic (Epic I say!). And no, it’s not some Regency romance where the man gets the girl but only after he’s been an accidental jerk to her and she’s been uppity to him for the whole thing.

I’m talking about my love of Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

This game with all its cute little villagers has somehow managed to capture my whole heart to the point where I have played it, everyday, for the last three months, for at least an hour.

I may have missed a day at the Nook Stop, but I haven’t missed a day playing yet!

I’m not actually sure if that’s something to be proud of or sad about. I guess it all depends where you are in life. Right now, I guess I’ll take proud!

I have loved everything about this game, from Flick, to C.J., to Celeste. Lets be honest, I freaking love Celeste. She pops up when there are meteor showers! How cool is that?

I love being able to pick where my villagers get to live, where the shops all go, what paths I get to lay. I love all the things!

If you’ve played, then you know the joys of which I speak.

Who would have thought a simple game (that I wasn’t even sure about to begin with would turn out to begin with) to be so much fun?

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