Thin Air-A Book Review

In August the book club I am a member of picked Thin Air by Lisa Gray to read. I decided to listen to the audio book.

Why did I decide that?

Narrated by Amy Landon, I found her voice to be a tad too soothing to fit a thriller style book. I wish to be tense when finding out who the killer is, not relaxed!

In fact, I had so much of a wish to be tense that I switched to the e-book version of the book for the last few chapters.

As for the book itself, I found the character development to be well done, though some of the twisty character bits I saw coming. The plot was very well done and the ending was satisfying. And although I enjoyed the book, I’m not running off to read the rest. I think my experience of the book was colored by the bad narration, so I didn’t get as much enjoyment out of it as I hoped to.

I think I may give this book another try in about a year and see how I enjoy it then as an actual book, not an audio book, when it’s not so fresh on my mind. Maybe then I will like it better.

To make a blog post short, don’t listen to the audio book on this one, stick to the book you actually lay eyes on. You might enjoy it more.