Our Trip to Walt Disney World

Well, we did it. We went to Walt Disney World!

And it was amazing!

Unfortunately, I can’t show you a lot of photos of it, because the hubs and I are in almost everyone of them, and the hubs has asked not to have his face plastered all over the internet. So, in conclusion, because I love my husband, you get very few photos.

But still. We went!

We arrived on a Sunday and had planned on dropping of our stuff at the hotel and going to Disney Springs right away, but thanks to a storm delay in getting our bags from the airport (almost two hours), we got to the hotel later than expected and we were starving. So we just grabbed a quick bite there.

We stayed at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, which was a great resort. We never would have stayed there if it hadn’t have been for the special on rooms Disney was running when we booked. It ended up being cheaper than the original resort we had booked for our trip back when we were going to go last year!

This view of the tress may not look like a parking lot view from our balcony (we had a balcony!!) but it is! I wish I had taken pics of the room, but I was too excited and we began unpacking our stuff right away. It really was a wonderful room. The staff was great too!

We went to Disney Springs that evening for dinner and ate at Everglazed, the donut shop. I got a grilled cheese on a donut, because why not. It was…interesting.

The first thing we did at a Disney park? We built lightsabers at Savvi’s Workshop of course!

It was an epic experience and, I kid you not, I almost cried. It was absolutely worth doing if you’re a Star Wars fan. We spent all day on Monday at Hollywood Studios and loved it. We even managed to get on a boarding group for Rise of the Resistance first thing! It was great! I gotta say, Slinky Dog Dash was our favorite roller coaster of the whole trip!

Magic Kingdom was day two and we had a great time. My favorite ride is the Haunted Mansion, and unfortunately (fortunately?), due to Covid, they have it as a walk on ride. The stretching room isn’t being used, nor is the interactive queue. But, the wait time was only a few minutes, so that was nice.

Of course, we did see the princesses! Twice. They are running cavalcades right now instead of parades, so you never know when the characters are going to pop up!

Day three was a day at Disney Springs! And it was great because we met up with the hubs’ parents! They live very close to Disney so they were able to meet us for two days. We ate at the Boathouse for lunch, I highly recommend the Lobster roll, and at Wine Bar George for dinner, the Iberico pork and the buratta were great. We had a nice, relaxing day exploring the Springs. And the company was amazing!

Epcot was next, and the Flower and Garden Festival was going on! We were once again joined by the hubs’ parents, and we had a great time. We rode Soarin’ and Living with the Land and ate. Oh did we eat! The food was great! And the topiaries were so pretty.

Our last day at Disney was spent at Animal Kingdom. Flight of Passage is an amazing ride and you should definitely give it a ride when you are there. I also really loved the safari ride. We went first thing when we got there, so the animals were active and out. It was great. On a side note, I happened to complement a gentleman on his fine Star Wars shirt and found out he and his family live in my old neighborhood in Memphis. What a small world!

Saturday was our day to return home, so nothing exciting there. I will say the Orlando airport is crazy. If you are checking a bag, maybe give yourself an extra hour (or two) for getting that taken care of. We got lucky and our airline opened a new check line right next to us, so it took no time at all. We ended up killing time in a restaurant while we waited for our flight.

We did use Disney’s Magical Express, and I gotta say, I’m sorry that they will no longer be using it after this year. It was easy to use, the driver was friendly, and the ride was nice. RIP Magical Express.

After all is said and done, we will be going back. We really enjoyed our time at Disney World and want to do everything we missed this time. Like all the food and the rides!

What a great trip it was.

Well, Here We Go Again

We are doing it this time! We are really going to do it!

What are we going to do? Well, once we are done being vaccinated (after our two week waiting period), we’re going to Disney World!!!


It only took a moment for us to decide to make the trip. And three and a half ours after that decision, I had contacted our original travel agent at Small World Vacations and we were booked! I even had plane tickets and restaurant reservations done. And parental visits scheduled for our days at Disney Springs and Epcot!

Trip planned!

Now I just have to take care of all the minor details, like planning cute outfits to wear and deciding whether or not to buy those cute mickey ears off of Etsy.

A Birthday Away

So I turned 40 a few weeks ago and the hubs turned 40 a few days after that. Go us!

We decided that since our original plan of going to Disney was cancelled due to Covid-19 that we should still do something local. So we planned a staycation.

We had some very exacting standards that had to be met, like all the rooms had to be accessible from outside, not inside, the main building. The location had to have a small number of rooms, so a small amount of guests! And we could eat in the room, not the main dining room. Also, masks all around!

After hours of searching we finally managed to find a place! And by we I mean me. I did all the searching and then the hubs agreed to the locale.

We found Elm Creek Manor! This little B & B met all of our requirements and had the added benefit of being a farm to table location too! They are located about two hours north west of Dallas, TX so the drive there wasn’t too bad.

I must say, we were not disappointed at all. This quaint little B & B was everything we hoped it would be. The room (which I forgot to take pictures of) was comfortable, and the bed was great. The sheets were super soft. Not typical hotel sheets at all.

I totally forgot to take pictures of the food, by the way. I was to busy eating it. But the food was amazing. Home grown arugula salads with fresh picked tomatoes. Farm fresh eggs with breakfast for the hubs because I am allergic. And the dinners! Country ham with pink peppercorns and tomato risotto. Roasted chicken with hominy and roasted veg.

It was so good.

We took a little hike/romantically cheesy scavenger hunt that took us all over the property. This was part of the package we had selected. This package also included a massage. The masseuse wore a mask the entire time and I felt safe with the precautions she took for us.

When all is said and done we are considering going back in post Covid times when we can experience the town of Muenster, TX, which is where this B & B is located. We spent all our time reading.

Go figure.

Welp, That’s Over…For Now

Dun Dun DUN!!!!

That’s right. We have offically cancelled the Disney trip.

And by canceled, I mean postponed.

And by postponed, I mean put off for another two ish years.

And that’s okay. Except for the part where when I sent the email to the travel agent I wanted to cry.

But it’s fine. I’m fine. Everything’s fine. This is fine.

Our Disney Trip Might Be Over

So our trip to Disney might be over before it’s even begun!

See, Disney recently announced their plans for re-opening Walt Disney World starting in July. And that came with a lot of restrictions and cancellations.

What got cancelled, you may ask? Well, all of our Disney Dining reservations, including the ones for making the lightsabers! I woke up at five in the morning to make those! They cancelled those for everyone through the end of the year. They will let you make new ones 60 days out from your trip date, but that just means getting up in the morning to do it all again.

They also aren’t going to have parades, fireworks, or any shows that may draw large crowds. Since our trip is still months away this may not affect us, but with the way Covid-19 is looking right now, it may still be this way. This may also mean that there is going to be no Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party this year, which I was looking forward to.

They have also currently cancelled all Fast passes so they can use the lines for social distancing waiting for all the rides. We shall see how that goes.

Of course, this is just phase one of a phased re-opening. Disney is sure to have more up their sleeves in the future. We just get to play a wait and see game for the next few months.

Stupid plague.

We Made Our Dining Reservations!

I woke up at 5 AM and did it!

I made our Advanced Dining Reservations!

And yes, yes you should clap for me, cause that was 5 in the morning!  The sun wasn’t even out yet!

We got The Hollywood Brown Derby in Hollywood Studios for lunch because the burger looks amazing!  We also procured a reservation at The Jungle Navigation Co LTD Skipper Canteen (isn’t that a long name) in the Magic Kingdom for dinner.  We also got Tiffins in the Animal Kingdom for dinner.  For our arrival date we got Whispering Canyon Cafe at Wilderness Lodge for dinner.  And last but not least, we got Raglan Road in Disney Springs for lunch with the family!

See, both the hubs and I have family in Florida.  They live about an hour and a half away from Orlando on either side of the state, so we get to see them while we are there!

We don’t have ADR for every day we are there because Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival will be going on.  We will be eating all the food that day!

I am so excited for our trip!  Let’s eat all the things!

The Sticky Notes

So it seems that I have decided to dig deep and research the heck out of both Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando.

I may have a problem.  I may just be thorough.  It all depends on how you look at it.   I’m betting the hubs would say it’s a bit of both at this point.

I don’t have a binder for my research though.  I bought a notebook instead.  To my credit, this was before I knew we were taking either trip.  I just liked the way the notebook looked.


Yes, I bought a notebook for no reason at all other than I thought it was pretty.

I swear I don’t have a problem.  I promise.

Now this notebook is filled with notes on the New Zealand trip we aren’t taking, research from when we were switching cell phone providers, and all the new Disney things!

You know what it’s also filled with?  Well, you did click on the post, so I’m assuming you read the title so I’m assuming you know, but just in case you don’t.

It’s filled with Sticky Notes!!!


They are all over the place!

They make dividers so I know where the meal planning for Disney is, where the fast pass selections are, what hotels we are choosing, all my random notes!

I also just randomly stick them places when I think of things after I fill the page up and I don’t wait to waste another entire sheet of paper on one line of text!

I love my sticky notes!

Okay, maybe I do have a problem.


Well, I Might Be Doing This Next Year

I’m actually hoping I get to do this.

Cause hooray!

What is “this” you may be asking?

This is getting to go to Universal Studios Orlando with my friend!

Whoo Hoo!

We are meeting today to go over things like trip dates and, you know, budgets.

Now, I just have to focus all my energy on finding a decent job.  I’ve been a happy homemaker for the last two years, so I’m ready to enter the job market!

Now, how does one use a multi-line phone again?

Dining at Disney

I forgot that traveling with a food allergy is problematic at best.  Thankfully we have plenty of time between now and when our reservations actually have to be made for me to check all the menus.

I just figured that it couldn’t hurt to start planning now.  It never hurts to start planning early, really.  I mean, I actually like the research.

It just makes me so hungry!

What are your favorite places to eat at Walt Disney World?


A Trip to Nerd Disney World

AKA, the Kennedy SpaceCenter!


The hubs and I were going to visit his folks for Thanksgiving this year, so when I threw out the idea of going to the KSC, imagine my surprise when all parties enthusiastically agreed!

A whole family of nerds!

Turns out, my in-laws had been wanting to go for a while.  I was overjoyed.

But internally.

Okay, so I was overjoyed all over the place.  Can you blame me?

We had a great time.  We went on the Sunday after Thanksgiving so the crowds weren’t too large, and the weather was perfect!

Which is great, because there was a whole lot of wandering around going “look at that!”.

It was a great day.  If you are at all interested in space or science, this is a must-do.