Tips for Planning a Trip to Disney

I thought I would share with you some of my most helpful informative places and tips to help you plan a trip to Walt Disney World!

All these tips apply to Covid-19 Times, but the resources I used are there and were very helpful.

So, let’s dive right in!

Smart Moms Planning Disney Facebook Group

This Facebook group was recommended to me by a friend and it was full of helpful info. Some of which I already knew (cause I like my trip research), some of which I didn’t. Including things you don’t think about, like what shoes to wear. This group is mostly aimed towards traveling families, but I still found the info helpful. Fair warning, if you join this group, your Facebook feed will fill up with the posts. I stayed in it because the info was helpful, but it was a little annoying at first.

Disney Food Blog-Blog, You Tube Channel, Instagram

This was by far the most helpful resource. AJ (who runs the site) has people at Walt Disney World every day. They are always trying new menu items and reporting on park news as soon as it’s released, which is great. But the You Tube Channel. Oh the You Tube Channel. Also known as DFBGuide, it’s almost daily videos are filled with tips and tricks and news and where to eat and how to do things. I watched those videos every time they popped up, and I don’t regret it for a second. The tips I learned there help make our trip a dream. They have also reviewed every WDW restaurant on their blog, so check them out.

Disney Vloggers-Pick Some, They Are Legion

Disney vloggers are a great resource for your trip. I really like The Tim Tracker. He and his wife (and now son, so cute) go to all the Orlando parks, not just Disney, and they try and give you as much info as possible, even asking Disney Cast Members questions while they are in the parks. One of the things they did that I found really helpful was a series of tours of all the Disney World resorts. I watched each one to help pick our original hotel! Anyway, Disney vloggers are great because you can find videos of rides, food, line times, parking info, hotel info. They do it all.

Small World Vacations-Disney Authorized Travel Agencies

Small World Vacations was the travel agency I used to book my vacation. They are Disney authorized, which is great. You don’t pay them, Disney does! Michelle, our agent, was helpful and knowledgeable. She was able to answer any questions I had that the previous resources weren’t able to.

On to the tips!

Plan in Far in Advance!

When I started planning I had a year and two months to plan for our original date. We booked our hotel a year out from our original trip date. Don’t wait! We got lucky with our trip this time. In fact, after we booked for April, the flood gates opened and the parks started filling up fast because of the new reservation system. Also, right now you have to book your restaurants 60 days in advance instead of 180. Still isn’t any easier to get into those places you want to eat at.

Do Your Research!

Y’all, I took 24 pages of notes. 24! That’s after I watched The Tim Tracker’s videos on the hotels and “all” the DFBGuide videos. I read blogs on all the hotels and included pros and cons from those blog posts in my notes. I did price comparisons, including how much it would be with memory maker (photo pass) and the Disney Dining Plan (not available now due to Covid). All this info, btw, is available on Disney World’s website. I also made lists of the rides we would go on for the Fast Pass system (also not available due to Covid).

Get In “Shape” Before You Go

No, I don’t mean work out to loose weight, you’ll look good in those pictures no matter what. What I do mean is that you’ll want to get used to walking before you go. A person can walk ten miles at Magic Kingdom and not realize it. That doesn’t count the time you spend just standing in line!

Don’t Over Plan

This is a real danger, and one I almost did myself. It’s real easy to want to go and plan out where you are going to be almost every second of every day you are there, but that sucks the magic out of it. Also, what happens to those plans if it rains or a ride goes down? That doesn’t mean don’t have a plan for the must do’s while you are there, just remember to take it easy.

Use the My Disney Experience App, But Don’t Neglect The Map!

The hubs and I made the mistake of not getting a map when we got to Hollywood Studios or Magic Kingdom. And we wish we had. The MDE app doesn’t show you everything, and you’ll need that map. Right now it shows rest areas where you can sit in some air conditioning. I don’t know if those are still available, but in that Florida heat, a break is nice. Those places didn’t show up on the app, by the way. You can find a map near the entrance to the park.

Bike Shorts!

Now this one is a little weird, but dang was it good. I wore bike shorts nearly every day on our trip. The one day I didn’t I regretted it. Not cause I didn’t look cute, cause I did, but because of that darned Florida heat and humidity. To be fair, I had ordered bike shorts to be worn on that day, that’s just a long story as to why I didn’t have them. Anyway! If you are like me and are a plus sized lady or just someone whose thighs rub together, bike shorts are amazing. They are light weight, take up very little room in your suitcase, and can go with a variety of outfits. I’m a convert. In fact, I’m wearing Micky bike shorts right now!

Say Yes to the Sunscreen!

You think you won’t need it. Lies! We reapplied several times and I still got a sunburn. To be fair, I missed a spot during a re-application period. It happens.

There you have it, some of my useful tools and tips for planning a successful Disney World vacation. We had such a great time and I’m not gonna lie, I kind of want to go to Disneyland next!

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