Well, Here We Go Again

We are doing it this time! We are really going to do it!

What are we going to do? Well, once we are done being vaccinated (after our two week waiting period), we’re going to Disney World!!!


It only took a moment for us to decide to make the trip. And three and a half ours after that decision, I had contacted our original travel agent at Small World Vacations and we were booked! I even had plane tickets and restaurant reservations done. And parental visits scheduled for our days at Disney Springs and Epcot!

Trip planned!

Now I just have to take care of all the minor details, like planning cute outfits to wear and deciding whether or not to buy those cute mickey ears off of Etsy.

We Made Our Dining Reservations!

I woke up at 5 AM and did it!

I made our Advanced Dining Reservations!

And yes, yes you should clap for me, cause that was 5 in the morning!  The sun wasn’t even out yet!

We got The Hollywood Brown Derby in Hollywood Studios for lunch because the burger looks amazing!  We also procured a reservation at The Jungle Navigation Co LTD Skipper Canteen (isn’t that a long name) in the Magic Kingdom for dinner.  We also got Tiffins in the Animal Kingdom for dinner.  For our arrival date we got Whispering Canyon Cafe at Wilderness Lodge for dinner.  And last but not least, we got Raglan Road in Disney Springs for lunch with the family!

See, both the hubs and I have family in Florida.  They live about an hour and a half away from Orlando on either side of the state, so we get to see them while we are there!

We don’t have ADR for every day we are there because Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival will be going on.  We will be eating all the food that day!

I am so excited for our trip!  Let’s eat all the things!

The Sticky Notes

So it seems that I have decided to dig deep and research the heck out of both Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando.

I may have a problem.  I may just be thorough.  It all depends on how you look at it.   I’m betting the hubs would say it’s a bit of both at this point.

I don’t have a binder for my research though.  I bought a notebook instead.  To my credit, this was before I knew we were taking either trip.  I just liked the way the notebook looked.


Yes, I bought a notebook for no reason at all other than I thought it was pretty.

I swear I don’t have a problem.  I promise.

Now this notebook is filled with notes on the New Zealand trip we aren’t taking, research from when we were switching cell phone providers, and all the new Disney things!

You know what it’s also filled with?  Well, you did click on the post, so I’m assuming you read the title so I’m assuming you know, but just in case you don’t.

It’s filled with Sticky Notes!!!


They are all over the place!

They make dividers so I know where the meal planning for Disney is, where the fast pass selections are, what hotels we are choosing, all my random notes!

I also just randomly stick them places when I think of things after I fill the page up and I don’t wait to waste another entire sheet of paper on one line of text!

I love my sticky notes!

Okay, maybe I do have a problem.


Well, I Might Be Doing This Next Year

I’m actually hoping I get to do this.

Cause hooray!

What is “this” you may be asking?

This is getting to go to Universal Studios Orlando with my friend!

Whoo Hoo!

We are meeting today to go over things like trip dates and, you know, budgets.

Now, I just have to focus all my energy on finding a decent job.  I’ve been a happy homemaker for the last two years, so I’m ready to enter the job market!

Now, how does one use a multi-line phone again?

Dining at Disney

I forgot that traveling with a food allergy is problematic at best.  Thankfully we have plenty of time between now and when our reservations actually have to be made for me to check all the menus.

I just figured that it couldn’t hurt to start planning now.  It never hurts to start planning early, really.  I mean, I actually like the research.

It just makes me so hungry!

What are your favorite places to eat at Walt Disney World?


A Trip to Nerd Disney World

AKA, the Kennedy SpaceCenter!


The hubs and I were going to visit his folks for Thanksgiving this year, so when I threw out the idea of going to the KSC, imagine my surprise when all parties enthusiastically agreed!

A whole family of nerds!

Turns out, my in-laws had been wanting to go for a while.  I was overjoyed.

But internally.

Okay, so I was overjoyed all over the place.  Can you blame me?

We had a great time.  We went on the Sunday after Thanksgiving so the crowds weren’t too large, and the weather was perfect!

Which is great, because there was a whole lot of wandering around going “look at that!”.

It was a great day.  If you are at all interested in space or science, this is a must-do.











Packing For a Two Week Trip

As you might have guessed from the title of this post, I am going on a two week trip.  It’s to visit both my mom and my in-laws.   They live about three hours away from each other, so when I go to visit one, it’s super easy to go and visit the others.

Twice the love, one trip!

One of the things I don’t love?


Lucky for me I’ll be able to do at least one load of laundry while I am there, which means I don’t have to take the big suitcase.  We save that one for when both the hubs and I go on trips.  One small suitcase and a “personal item” , aka backpack, for the win.

Now, I just have to figure out what to pack in it.  One of my favorite things is dresses.  It means less clothing items to actually pack.  The downside is that some can actually be quite bulky.  And of course, we have to account for the weather, so dresses may not always be appropriate.

Jeans are good for multiple days of wear, but where I am going it’s going to be hot, so Jeans are out.  Out I say!  Capris all the days it is.  Maybe a pair of shorts.

And I can wear a pair of capris on the plane, which means one less thing I have to worry about in the suitcase.

Now tops are easy, just throw a few in there and you’re done.

I do have to fit some books and some crafts in my suitcase.  I will need things to do while I am there.  and since I am going to be gone for two weeks, it’s good to have options.

Toiletries, of course, go into the backpack.

All in all, a successful packing endeavor, I think.  Maybe.  We shall see.



And We’re Booked

We booked our trip to Disney!!!

I’m so excited!  Too bad I have to wait a year.

But wait I shall.

I mean, this wait gives me all the time I need to plan my dining reservations and reserve my FastPasses.  It also gives me time to go over all the menus and find allergy-friendly food options for me to nosh upon.

Traveling with a food allergy is always fun.

That being said, I am still really looking forward to this trip.   I love Disney like Jafar loves power.

And that guy really, really loves his power.

That’s a Surprise

Well, I didn’t see this one coming.

You know that trip I mentioned in my last post?  The hubs and I were saving to go to New Zealand next year.

I say “were” because the hubby totally flipped the script on me and suggested we go to Disney instead!!!

For some reason I am way more excited to go to Disney than I was to go to New Zealand!  Go figure.

Naturally, I have been in planning mode since I calmly, and quietly (squealed at the top of my lungs) agreed to this.  I mean, we have a full year and some months before we are going to go, so I have some time to plan.  Not that much time if my research is correct, but time none the less.

Squee!  I have much excite!


I Want to Visit Disney Again

I’ve been to Disney a few times in my life. A couple of times as a teenager and once again as an adult.  I had fun each time.

This doesn’t stop me from wanting to go back.

This is a small problem for me as my husband, for the most part, doesn’t really want to go back.  Yup, I’m throwing you under the bus hun.  #sorrynotsorry.

To be fair to him, if I asked, he would probably, reluctantly, go back.  Especially if it’s after they opened the Galaxy’s Edge Star Wars attraction.

To be honest, I’ll go back for that too.  Cause Star Wars!!!

I know I’ll be back to visit Disney World someday.  Until then, well.