My New Obsession…Board Games

Well hello! How are you doing? I’m doing…alive. It’s been an interesting couple of months. I took a trip, we had more family visit, then I took another trip. I have had very little downtime and what time I have had has been spent not reading. I’ve been playing Zelda…and a few board games. In fact, I have become slightly obsessed with board games over the last several months.

It’s becoming a space storage issue. We are thinking of getting some new bookcases specifically for the board games!

But here are some of our recent plays.

Marvel Dice Throne

This game is super popular and has a few expansion packs (we don’t have them…yet). We’ve played this a couple of times and, though I have lost each time, it’s still a lot of fun. You use dice and cards to play, and it has different play rules for each player, but the overall game has the same overall rules to follow. It’s a combination of luck of the dice, luck of the card draw, and a bit of strategy. We’ve only played with 2 players so far, but it plays up to 4. I highly recommend it.


This tile-laying game has been a favorite since we got it. Its play-through is simple and is based on a combination of luck of the draw and strategy. You have to match similar tiles to make what is essentially a map that has castles, towns, and roads. It plays between 2 to 5 players, but I think it’s best played with a smaller group if you don’t have the expansion packs (which we don’t). Definitely a must-have.


This magnetic game is extremely easy to play. All you have to do is be the first to get rid of all of your magnets. It’s for 1 to 4 players, and I like it with 2 but have played with 3. This simple game would be great to decide things, like where to go out for dinner, or who is cleaning the house this time. It’s also great for when you want something quick to play and makes a great game to play in hotels.


Trails is a quick game to play that comes in a small package. It plays with 2 to 4 players, and while we have played it with 3, we prefer it at 2. It has easy-to-learn gameplay and would also make a great hotel game. It’s also quite pretty to look at. This game has resource gathering and a bear that can help you but hinder others! Such fun!


Everdell is a resource-gathering, city-building game that plays 2 to 4 players, though we’ve only played with 2. It’s always sold out pretty much everywhere, and honestly, it deserves the popularity. We borrowed this one from the library and had a great time playing it. The art is beautiful and the gameplay is complex but fun. It can come down to luck of the cards, but there is a lot of strategy to this game. There is also a tree that you have to build and lots of expansion packs to get! We will be adding this to our permanent collection soon.


Gloomhaven is a massive game that, I kid you not, weighs 20 pounds. It’s also the most expensive game we own, though we did get it on sale. It’s probably our favorite game. This game works with up to 4 players, though we have only played with 2. It’s extremely complex, with a rulebook that is around 50 pages long. This game is not for board game beginners, but it’s also so much fun. If you like D&D or video game RPGs you’ll probably love this game.

And that’s just a few of the board games we have played recently. There are others, like Wingspan and Star Wars Villans just to name a few!

What board games do you like to play?