Cleaning Out My Closet

I like my closet.  It’s nice and spacious and where all my clothes live.

But, I have a lot, I mean a lot, of clothes.

For example, I have 20 pairs of jeans,  20 pairs!

Just to let you know, I used to work for a clothing store.  So all the fancy jeans with patterns and rips that I used to wear all the time?  Yeah, I don’t reach for those anymore.  Which is a shame, since I still love them all.  I have a lot of clothes from my time at the clothing store that I no longer reach for.

Which makes me sad because it means I no longer need them.

But someone else will, which is why I always donate my clothes. It’s good to donate your clothes.  Someone else who needs them gets them, and you get a warm fuzzy feeling on the inside from doing a nice thing!

I will miss some of those clothes though.