Veterans Day

Today is a bittersweet day for me.

Yes, it’s a day when we proudly stand up as a nation and say “we support our veterans”.  But this year my family lost two of them.

My father and my second cousin.

They both served their country and after the wars they fought, they each came home to fight two very different battles.  But battles they were nonetheless.

We love and miss you both.



It’s Been A Rough Year

Well, I can’t seem to post with any consistency right now. And that’s okay.

We’ve had a tough year.

Not only did my dad pass away, but we lost two second cousins shortly after that. Most recently, my aunt died very suddenly.

See? Tough year. And it’s only August.

What you can’t see right now, because this is a blog, not a video, is me sending up a prayer to anyone who will listen asking “Please, let this be it!”.

I think it goes without saying that at this point everyone in my family needs therapy. Hell, I’m as depressed as I have ever been. My depression usually just leads me to overeat and wants me to lack motivation, but this time it brought with it it’s friend Sleepy the dwarf with it. Joy.

What I’m doing now is trying to find a therapist and I’m working on doing a thing every day. Right now it’s a silly thing. I’m trying to touch my toes, a feat I cannot currently achieve. I know that it’s a small thing, but it should make me smile when I do it for the first time, so I’m in.

As for finding the therapist, well, that will take some work, and I will be happy to spend the time doing said work. The end results of the therapy will, of course, take longer than trying to touch my toes will, but I’ll be better for having done it.