Family Emergencies Are The Worst

So you may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything in a while.  I might have left my laptop at home after going to Florida to “visit” during a family emergency.

To be fair, I was a little pre-occupied with the family emergency part.   That kinda took precedence over the whole blogging aspect of my life.  Go figure.

The family emergency involved my dad and some surgery and lots of doctors saying things like “well, it’s complicated”  and “this has to be handled delicately”.  Because why can’t family emergencies ever be simple?

I was gone for two weeks, and while my life may have been mildly inconvenienced, I didn’t have to spend it in a hospital bed being poked and prodded by doctors on the regular.  I can imagine that was the worst.

Actually, there were a few things I can think of that could have been worse.  Thankfully, they weren’t.

Family emergencies really are the worst, aren’t they?

P.S. I feel like this entire post can just be one big shrug gif.