Bookish T-Shirts

So I stumbled down a rabbit hole on the internet recently. It was inspired by the t-shirt I’m wearing now.

It’s by teeturtle and I love it so much. It’s comfy and soft and oh so cute. But I got it a few years ago and I was just curious to see if they still had it.

Because of reasons.

That totally make sense.

If you’re me.


Anyway, that inspired me to write this post. My favorite bookish t-shirts. Because we all could use something comfy to wear.

I love this design, found on the Teeturtle website. We both have purple hair! Yes, I will be buying this next month.

I don’t know why, but I feel personally attacked by this one. I found it on ETSY.

This is true. I mean, my mom used to just drop me off at the library and was not at all surprised to find me with a giant stack of books that I wanted to check out. I was always a reader. Maybe I should pick this shirt up too. It’s from Out of Print.

But why is it true though? The hubs will be sound asleep and here I am at 4 in the morning reading something on my tablet. This one is from Society 6.

I love a good Doctor Who quote. This just happens to be one of my favorites. This shirt is from Tee Fury.

Does anybody else remember Book It? When I was a kid I loved that program! Good news! They brought it back this year and are enrolling now! Also, you can find this shirt here, on Amazon.

And there are a few of the dozens of amazing book related t-shirts I found!

Bookish Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

Tis the season! Hooray!!! It’s time for snow and cold weather and wearing all the layers.

Unless you live in Texas like I do, then its not going to be any of those things.

But it’s still going to be the Holiday Season! Huzzah!

It’s also the time to stress out about what gift you are going to give that book lover in your life. But because they already have all the books, and you don’t want to buy them anymore lest their bookshelves collapse, I’ve prepared a list of items you might want to procure for your wayward bibliophile.

And I’m not gonna lie, all of these are off of Etsy. Support small businesses!

This candle that might just smell like a bookstore. And only $7 on Etsy!

This bookish t-shirt is fantastic! Who doesn’t love a good RBG quote? Plus it comes in sizes up to a 3XL! It’s $12-$17 (depending on the size) on Etsy.

Book Sleeves are amazing gifts for the book lover who can’t go anywhere without a novel of some kind! It protects the book from damage while in their bag. This one is on Etsy for $15-$17 depending on the size.

These Nancy Drew bookmarks are so cute! And who doesn’t need a way to both be nostalgic and hold their place at the same time? I found this on Etsy for $7.

I feel like this mug speaks the truth, and your own Book Dragon will agree. Etsy has this fabulous mug for $19.

These bath bombs are book related, so you can luxuriate in scents and feels based on your favorite books! Only $7 on Etsy.

This is only if you know your bibliophile wont shriek with rage at the sight of a damaged book. This one, btws, also works for the Star Wars fan in your life. Bonus points for the person who is both! This is on Etsy for $56.

Do you have an enamel pin lover in your life? This pin is perfect for them! Look how cute! Etsy. $10.

What about the sticker obsessed? How about these bookish stickers to help with their addiction? I found them on Etsy for $8!

Again, don’t give this to someone how hates damaged books! But look at the pretty! I found this wreath on Etsy for $25.

Who wouldn’t like to go out on a blind date with a book? With this you choose the genre and the recipient has no idea what they are getting. You could do this for yourself too! This was on Etsy for $10.

Every good library needs pretty bookends. How about these blue agate ones for your book lover? Check out this Etsy listing for $48.

I find this tote bag to be true. So will your book loving friend. Etsy has it for $20.

Does your book lover have a TBR cart? How about their fridge? These magnets to decorate it would be a great gift. Etsy has these for 47.50 to $16.50 depending on size.

Did you see anything you would want to gift? What about buy for yourself? I know I’m picking up the Book Dragon mug for myself.