Well This Is Exciting

Well here’s something I didn’t think I would be saying so soon.

I got promoted!

More specifically, the opportunity to take a new position within the library opened up and I decided to shoot my shot.

I start in a few weeks and I’m so excited. I’ll tell you more about it once I have settled in and my nerves have calmed down a little bit.

For now, I have to go to the gym and do gym things.

Currently Reading: Well Played by Jen DeLuca

Well Hello There

So I’ve been gone for a minute.

I guess I should explain?

Basically, I was having a hard time maintaing a work/reading/blogging/life balance and something had to give before my mental health started to suffer.

It also doesn’t help that I had fallen into a reading slump (I only finished one book in July), and felt like I had nothing to offer the blogging space as a result.

So instead of giving an explination before I peaced out, I just disappeared. Which is rude. It’s the same as ghosting someone after a years long relationship. My sincerest apologies.

So I’m back. I’m not going to be posting 6 days a week like I was, at least for now. This means I’ll be posting at random, you’ll never know what to expect from me!

So what’s changing?

One thing I’m doing is getting rid of star ratings on my book reviews. I’ll still put them on Goodreads and The Story Graph (I think I don’t have to include them there), but I won’t use them here, as I have discovered I don’t really like them all that much. I just want to say that I loved a book, I liked a book, or I strongly disliked it. Easy peasy.

For the moment I’m not going to do weekly wrap ups. And if I do decide to pick them back up, I’m going to restructure them. Right now it’s a big old no from me though.

Posts like Top Ten Tuesday, WWW Wednesday, and First Lines Friday are probably going to be sporadic. While, for the most part, they are fun to do, I felt like I was struggling there for a while to produce good content based on those memes. I’m going to dip my toe in the water slowly on bring those back.

I’m hoping that by posting on my own time I don’t burn out, as the saying goes, again.

So yeah, I’m back. Hopefully for a good long while.

What I’m Reading Today: Fairy Tale by Stephen King