Searching For a Phone Plan

So the hubs and I are in the market for a new phone service.  Not that we aren’t happy with the service we have, it just seems to cost all the monies.

See, the hubs and I are trying to save for a trip next year, so we have been trying to cut out the things we don’t actually need. Or use.  Like the cable service we had and didn’t watch for 3 months.

So trying to save money with a cell phone plan seems like a good idea right?

Turns out, not really.  They seem to all cost around the same amount.  Which makes sense from a business standpoint anyway.  They all want to compete and yet still make money.  Stupid logic.  Good for business, bad for our wallets.

We do think we found a winner though.

Maybe.  I hope so at least.  I mean, I don’t want to have done two days worth of research for nothing.

And the winner is Google Fi!!!

Now, I know what you are thinking.  “What the heck is Google Fi?”  Well, it’s Google’s answer to mobile phone service.  And after all that research, it seems to have everything we are looking for.

I would be more than happy to give you a review after I have had it for a few months…once we switch.

We still have to switch first.

I’ve done this before

I’ve done this before.

Started blogs.

One even went for a few years.  It was about food and how I was loosing 50 pounds.  Spoiler alert, some of them came back.  The pounds, not the blogs.

I like blogging.  I just have this problem of never being able to quite figure out what I like blogging about.

So I will blog about everything…and nothing.  A little bit of this, and a little bit of that.  I’ll shake my creative tree and see what falls out.  Who know, maybe an apple will land on my head, I’ll shout Eureka, and the next theory of relativity will happen?

Yeah, probably not.

At least I will have some fun writing about all the random things that pop into my life.