End of the Year Stats

Well hello, friends! Another day, another late post. I have a good excuse though. I bought a new car yesterday! This major financial commitment has been in the works for a while, so it wasn’t a big surprise to us. But what was a surprise was the car arrived a few days early!

My new car is a very sensible Subaru Forester. The Hubs readily approved of my choice and was thrilled when we didn’t pick another grey car. We have always picked grey cars. I picked green this time.

None of that has anything to do with books, except the fact that my Android Auto can play audiobooks from both Audible, Libby, and Scribd! I’m so excited to be able to use that feature on my road trips.

Anywho, you’re not here for my car excitement, you are here for my yearly stats to see how I did with my reading. Did I meet my goal? Did I read nothing but fantasy books? Let’s go find out!

Reading Goal

Huzzah! I met my reading goal! Go me! Even if we take out my DNF’s, I still met my goal. I’m so thrilled. And 23,415 pages! That’s a lot of pages.


I read 49 adventurous books this past year, with emotional and mysterious tying for second at 22 books each. Dark took third with 19 books. Somehow I thought I read fewer dark books. Oh well, the stats don’t lie!


So it would seem that I read 30 medium-paced books this year, with fast coming in behind it at 24 books, followed up by slow books at 17 tomes.

Page Number

My page number breakdown doesn’t really come as a surprise to me. With 42 books between 300-499 pages, 23 books under 300 pages, and 6 books 500 pages and up, well, I read a lot of pages. 23,415 pages to be exact.

Fiction vs Nonfiction

Well, I thought I read more nonfiction than I did. Apparently, I only read 6 nonfiction books this year. Well, that’s one every other month. And I can always do better in 2022!


The genre breakdown is among my favorite of the stats. I just love the proof that I read more than just fantasy books. Not much more, mind you, but more. But yes, I did read 43 fantasy books this year. I also read 13 queer rep books, 13 sci-fi, and, in a surprising twist, 10 romance books! How did that last one happen?

Most Read Authors

This is a new stat this year, and I kind of like it. With 8 books read, Patricia Briggs is my most read author this year. I’m not surprised with the way I have been reading the Mercy Thompson series.

Number of Books and Pages

This stat is kind of fun! I love that you can see where you read the most pages. My most pages read was in September with 3548 pages that month. My most books read was October, with 11.

Star Ratings

It would seem I gave no books 2 star ratings last year. How did that happen? Oh yeah, if I was struggling, I just quit and gave it 1 star. But apparently, I really liked giving out those 5 stars, with 26 books getting top marks. That’s okay. Books can be fantastic!

Head on over to The Storygraph and give it a whirl if you want to know what your stats look like. It’s definitely worth your time to export all that data!

But those are my stats for the year! I’m still surprised at that nonfiction stat. I shouldn’t be, but I am.