Allergies Suck

How many people out there know the pain and anguish of a food allergy?

First, you get the “why does this keep happening to me?” feeling.  Then a vampire (nurse) takes your blood for an allergy test and you find out you are allergic to a food of some kind.

At first, you feel great, cause answers!  Then you feel dread, cause you can no longer eat that food or foods with that food in it.

I found out right before Christmas this past year that I was allergic to eggs.

It sucks all the levels of suck.

I count myself lucky that I have a mild reaction to eggs.  I did, however, find out that one way food allergies work is they can leave you with a mildly compromised immune system, I.E. my colds last a month instead of a week.

This is a thing that happened to me every time I got sick.  I would get a mild illness and stay sick twice or three times as long as the average person.  All because I would eat things that contain eggs.

I was told not to do that anymore.

So I waved goodbye to certain foods and invited new things into my life, like vegan mayo.  I also discovered an egg replacer by Bob’s Red Mill that works in all the baked goods!  This is a product that you need to follow the directions for.  It is for baking, not for making omelets.  Its just, no, don’t do that to yourself.  I didn’t even try cause that would just be, eww.


It has worked great in cookies, cupcakes, pancakes so far.  The hubs agrees that you can’t tell a difference between this and real eggs in any of those things.

I do miss being able to go to a restaurant and order whatever I want, but boy have I had a craving for that eggiest of egg dishes, eggs benedict.

I will get used to this in time, which is all one can ask for. So I guess I say goodbye to that grand old food staple, the chicken egg.

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