My Crafting Space

I built a dresser (pre-Covid-19).  Well, the hubs and I built the dresser.  Basically, I started it.  I did the body, he came in halfway, said “I want to help”, then built all the drawers cause he’s awesome like that.


It’s like legos for adults.


After many hours we got it finished!  Huzzah!  All is right with the world!

It is now in its proper place in my craft room!   See how nice it looks with my pegboard.

Why yes, I do have a ribbon habit.


I’m really happy with how much storage this dresser has in it.  Right now I have one drawer empty.  I’m assuming that will get filled up with fabric.  Or, quite possibly, I just need to go through my fabric collection and donate what I never plan on using so that other drawers are freed up.



And with that, my craft room is mostly done!  I say mostly because whose craft room is ever actually finished.  I am patiently awaiting the day I want to add more stuff.  It’ll happen.  Just you wait and see.


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