Martha and Marley Spoon-First Impressions

So as you know we broke up with Home Chef. And here we are, a month into using Martha and Marley Spoon as our meal delivery service. What are our initial impressions?

Pro: The food is great. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had at least one dud meal. But it was still edible. Which is saying something. But the food really is good.

Con: We had some shipping issues with two of the boxes. But we were told in advance, by the company, that there were shipping issues. We were able to plan accordingly as a result, instead of guessing where our meals were like with Home Chef.

Pro: The packing is more environmentally friendly. With Home Chef, everything was enclosed in plastic, down to the garlic cloves. With this service the packing is paper bags with as little packaging as necessary.

Con: The cooking time listed is a lie. It usually takes about twenty minutes longer to prepare your meal than what it says on the recipe card.

Pro: It’s very easy to select your recipes online. The website is very user friendly and all allergens are listed plainly for you to see on the individual recipe page. This is great for me with my egg allergy.

Con: The recipes are a little complicated. Some of that has to do with them wanting to save plastic waste, some of that is just that the recipes are a little complicated. This goes into it taking an additional 20 minutes to prepare the meal.

Pro: The price is very reasonable. Our three meals a week for two people cost $53.99 plus $8.99 shipping. This is on par with other meal services we have had.

So there you have it. A pro and con list on Martha and Marley Spoon. We are liking it so far and it’s worth the cons for us to have the service. What are your thoughts on meal delivery services?

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