Decorating The Front Room With Books

So if you haven’t noticed, I love books.

Big shocker, I know.

And one of the things I usually do with books is decorate with them. We’ve been in this house for two years and, thus far, the front room has no books! This must be fixed!

See! No books! Lots of empty spaces for books though. And I have a collection of my mom’s old books from when she was a youngling. Of course, they were all upstairs in the library so I had to drag them all downstairs. Multiple trips.

That was fun.

As you can see the books added some much needed brightness and color to the dark cubbie shelving things.

And yes, most of my plants are still doing well! Despite my best efforts, one of them gave up the ghost. One of them is trying to make up its mind as to whether or not it is going to go bye bye. I’m still striving to keep them going.

But that’s it. That’s how I decorate with books (and plants).

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