The Book Nook

No, I don’t mean a place you can hide away with a good book. Though those are awesome.

I am talking about dioramas that are the size of a book that fit on your bookcase to liven things up.

I mean look at this one by the Etsy Shop BooknookFR

You can find it here. It’s of Diagon Alley! How great is that!

Or how about this book nook by DungeonKeep

You can find this one here.

I love this book nook that looks like an Asian village by StudioInteriorS.

You can find this one here.

The downside to these really detailed book nooks is that they can cost over a hundred dollars. And before you say anything, no, I can’t make one myself. This is a particular talent I don’t have.

Though I have discovered that they do make kits so you can build your own, those can cost as much as an already made one. So…yeah. Do your own thing.

None of this stops me from wanting one. Guess i’ll just have to save up.

By the way, one of these would make a great holiday gift for that bookish friend of yours.

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