Book of the Month- A Review

So let’s talk about Book of the Month.

A little background: Book of the Month is a monthly subscription box that is all about books! And all you get is the books you select! It’s a hardcover new release or early release for $14.99 each month, with $9.99 for each additional book. You can also skip the month you don’t want the books from.

I’ve heard about BOTM through bookish people of various mediums. But what really convinced me was my friend Erin, who also happens to be the leader of one of the book clubs I happen to have joined this year. And, of course, there was their cyber week sale. Also, a book I recommended for book club (that didn’t get picked because reasons, I’m really not bitter because the winning pick was so dang cute!) was one of the choices for BOTM for December.

So really it was three things that led to me finally deciding to go with BOTM.

Go me.

I joined on November 30th, my book shipped on December 2nd, on December 10th I got a notification that my book was out for delivery, and an email when it was delivered! So that was pretty awesome. When I got the email telling me that my book had shipped, they also said it would take a little bit longer than usual due to the high volume of packages sent during this holiday season. I appreciated the heads up, even if it was something I already knew.

It arrived wrapped in plastic, which I appreciate, as it protects the book from the elements if it has to be left on a porch or in another outdoorsy environment. I’ll be interested to see if this is something they continue.

They also included a little book that went over the history of BOTM, some stickers, and a bookmark. The stickers were so cute!

The book I picked was In a Holidaze by writing duo Christina Lauren. It’s a romance that features the use of a time loop, a la Groundhog Day (or my favorite episode of Stargate SG-1, if you know, you know).

The next month’s picks became available on December 27th, with me acquiring 1 credit on my account. Luckily, a book I wanted for January was in the mix, so I picked that up, as well as a past title for $9.99 that I had been wanting.

So far I am really liking Book of the Month. But time will tell if it holds up.

Do you use BOTM? What do you think of it?

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