Skipping the TBR?

Yes, I am skipping the TBR this month.

I know!

What’s a book blogger to do without a TBR?

Mood read, that’s what.

See, I’ve been trying this TBR thing and it hasn’t really worked out for me. I mean, the first month I did it, I did well. But every month after, total failure.

Which is fine. We learn from failure. And what I learned is that maybe I shouldn’t do TBR’s.

See TBR’s feel too much like an assignment. Like something I have to do. And since I am a mood reader, well, that just kills wanting to read.

That’s not good.

I want to read all the books I have, and since I keep buying new ones, well, I need to mood read them. So lets see how this no TBR thing goes.

I hope it goes well for me.

3 thoughts on “Skipping the TBR?

  1. As a mood reader I can relate to this! I know I won’t stick to a TBR so I rarely make one. In my opinion, I don’t think a book blogger should necessarily have a TBR in order to read🤔.For me, TBR feels too much like a chore (nothing against TBR just my opinion). But I do roughly make a plan that I’ll be reading so and so books this month if possible. But sticking to it or not is totally up to me. I wish you all the best with mood reading!❤️💕

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