Everything I Read in January 2021

Hooray! The first month of the year is past us! Huzzah! We have survived another month of winter. Not that winter in Texas is cold, really.

But alas, a weather report is not why you are here. You want to know about what I read during the month of January. Onward!

Outlawed by Anna North

A book about a woman who runs away from a potential hanging to join an outlaw gang? I thought I was going to love this book. Alas, it just didn’t resonate with me in any way. Which can sometimes happen. Sorry book. Into the DNF pile you go. 1 Star.

This Place: 150 Years Retold by Various

A graphic novel with the stories of 150 years of Canadian Indigenous history. It was hard to read, and in places I might have cried. No really. I did tear up. There was some terrible stuff happening to these people, and still is happening. And it’s not so different here in America, either. 5 stars.

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

A witch finds a magic book and a vampire wants said book. That’s a really terrible description of a really great book. I did write a review of all three books in the series. If you want to read that it’s here. Be aware, there are mild spoilers in it. And yes, I do love this book. 5 stars.

Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness

The sequel to A Discovery of Witches. It’s also my favorite book in the series. Big shocker if you read that review I was talking about. 5 stars.

The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness

Yes I read the whole All Souls Trilogy. No I’m not sorry I did it. See said review. Writing said review made me want to read the books again, and I just finish reading them! I have a problem. 5 stars.

The House in the Cerulean in Sea by TJ Klune

This book about a human case worker who goes to check on a house full of magical children is super heart warming. I loved this book. How many times can I say that in this post? I mean really? Did I love every book I read this month? Almost. 5 stars.

And now it’s time for stats!

5 out of 6 books were adventurous. That’s what happens when you read mostly fantasy.

3 slow books? I’ll take it, since I know it’s true.

Yes for longer books! I read a lot of shorter books when I, well, read. But I love longer books too.

Starting off the new year right with one non-fiction book.

Me, read romance? Yes, yes I did. The All Souls trilogy is a fantasy romance series, so these stats make sense.

I 5 starred a lot of books in January. Oops. Well, not oops, because I don’t regret it. You can’t help what you enjoy. And since I read for the enjoyment of it, well, 5 stars all around! Except you Outlawed, you don’t get 5 stars.

What did you read this month that you would give 5 stars to?

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