April 2021 Wrap Up

As always, it’s that time of the month when we look back at all the things that have been and we make a blog post about them! Which this month, is apparently not a lot. It seems I only wrote a few blog posts. Hey, at least I wrote.

Everything I Read in March 2021: This was a very short list of no books. I failed as a book blogger. Oh well.

Book Haul March 2021: The one where I haul some books for you. I may have bought over my self imposed limit.

Every New Release I Want- April 2021: A complete list of the books I may or may not buy eventually. I want the pretties!

The Witch’s Heart-A Book Review: In which I reviewed a book! Big shocker, I know.

And there it is, my shame. I only posted four things. Oh well. I posted, so it’s a win!

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