Monthly Wrap Up August 2021

Huzzah! We survived another month of sweltering heat temperatures here in Texas.


Also, I hope everyone who is in the path of Hurricane Ida is safe and secure. You’re in my prayers.

Today we do as usual, and make a nice list of all the posts in August.

Every Book I Read July 2021: Why is it that the only thing I can ever think of saying here is “it is what it says on the tin”?

TTT-Titles or Covers That Made Me Want to Read/Buy the Book: This was my very first Top Ten Tuesday. And I have loved doing them.

WWW Wednesday-August 4th!: Looking back at what I was reading at any given time is awesome. And WWW Wednesday helps with that. I am definitely not doing this every week. Cause reasons.

Every Book I Bought In July 2021: This is a list of all the books I bought in July. Wait until you see August’s list.

A Month of Myths-An August 2021 TBR: I set a themed TBR this month. Stay tuned to see how I did. Spoiler alert, not well.

Every New Release I Want-August 2021: I had fun searching the interwebs for the newest of new releases this month. It always brings me joy.

Souless-A Book Review: I reviewed one book this month. And I loved it!

TTT-Favorite Places to Read: I made of list of, shocker, my favorite places to read. One of them was the beach? I hate the beach. What was I thinking?

Book Series I need to Finish: I might have a problem not completing series once I start them. Too many books come out, okay!

Anything But Books Tag: This is a post where you learned a little bit about me, and not about books. Mostly it was an excuse to talk about Gargoyles and SG-1.

TTT for Aug 24-Books I Wish I Could Read Again For the First Time: Ah, to start all over again with a beloved book. That was the point of this post.

And there you have it! All the posts I posted in August! Which was your favorite?

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