A Word of Warning for Holiday Book Shopping

So if you follow any indy book stores on Twitter, TikToc, or Facebook, you have probably already heard.

But if you don’t, this one is for you.

It would seem that due to the supply issues that will be plaguing the world this holiday season, book suppliers are anticipating a shortage on books.

Alas, it is true.

What does this mean for you?

Well, if you pre-order now? Not a whole lot. You might get those books on time and have them for your Christmas Book hauls.

But if you wait…well…you may be waiting for longer if the stock runs out at your favorite store.

And yes, this dire warning includes Amazon. I’ve already received a notice from them about a shipping delay regarding a book I pre-ordered a month and a half ago.

Personally, I’m making a list of books I want now, and having my family order them for me early so as to get the books I want in time for the holidays.

I’m making a list of upcoming releases through the end of the year so you can get to pre-ordering now. It should be up within a few weeks.

And just to be more of a debbie downer, this applies to more than just books. It also applies to things like Legos!

So run to your favorite indy book store, head to Barnes and Noble, log into Amazon. Pre-order those books people!

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