TTT-Online Resources For Book Lovers

Well. Today is just going to be one of those days, isn’t it. I mean yeah, it’s a No Bones day, so it makes sense.

Basically, I didn’t get the notification that my post hadn’t, well, posted at the scheduled time. So I waited a little while (meaning I procrastinated and played Animal Crossing) and decided to check on it. Imagine my surprise to discover that not only had it not posted, but I hadn’t even written it yet!

Le sigh.

So basically, you are getting a later than usual post from me and I’m sorry! I would go cry in a corner somewhere but I have to write a blog post!

Anyway…it’s time for Top Ten Tuesday! TTT is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl and was originally created by The Broke and the Bookish. This weeks topic is favorite online resources for book lovers. Not entirely sure that I have ten, but I’m gonna give it the good ole college try!

Book Bub: Book Bub is a great website that sends you a daily email to let you know about free or discounted e-books. It’s an amazing resource and I’ve used them for years. You can even select what genres you want for your recommendations, and they’ll send you those.

Digital Book Today: Digital Book Today also delivers the news of free or discounted Kindle books to your email, but it’s not personalized. You can also visit their website for the top 100 picks every day.

Libby: The Libby app is powered by Overdrive and works with your local library to get you free books to your Kindle or mobile device. It has both Android and Apple apps so it should work with all the phones! It’s great because depending on your library you can put a certain number of books on hold (mines is 5, but I’ve seen people with 10), check them out for a certain period of time (mine is two weeks), and you can extend your hold if you aren’t ready to read the book yet. I love this app!

The Storygraph: I have raved about The Storygraph ever since I discovered it last year. It helps keep track of your reading, gives you your stats in handy pie charts, allows you to leave detailed reviews, and, for example, give 4.25 star ratings. It’s great and I have loved using it not only for my blog but for me as well. It also has done a better job at keeping track of my reading challenge for me.

Goodreads: Goodreads, the original book tracker. It’s not as great as The Storygraph in my opinion, but all my friends use it and I love seeing what they are reading and what they rate their books.

WordPress Reader: This one is more niche, if you don’t have a WordPress account it won’t work for you. But I have found it to be invaluable when it comes to keeping up with the blogs I do follow or finding new blogs to read. And I’m always looking for new blogs to follow.

BookTube: The bookish corner of YouTube. I have a few favorites that I love so I thought I would share them. Merphy Napier, Peruse Project, Books With Emily Fox, and Books and Lala are just a few I enjoy watching, and each are very different.

BookTok: Have you found yourself on the book side of TikTok yet? I love it there. Ezeekat’s great, just to name one booktoker. A lot of them give recommendations, some of them give the same recs over and over again, but some of them try to switch it up and give actual interesting recs. It’s also neat to see the booktokers try and do popular trends with books.

Bookstagram: The book side of Instagram. Here you can find interesting pictures of books (duh). Just search hashtags like #bookstagram, #bookaholic, and #bookish, just to name a few. I’m on there, but I can’t take a photo to save my life.

Pinterest: This one is gonna seem a little out there. But it’s a great resource for searching blogging tips, book reviews, or how to take bookstagram pics. I’ve used it a lot and I keep referring to it.

Well, lookie there, I did have ten things to share with you. I’m sorry I don’t have any podcast recommendations for you. I just haven’t found any I’m crazy about yet. Honorable mention to all the online book clubs out there doing their best to keep us sane in the pandemic.

Have a great rest of your Tuesday everyone! Hopefully I’ll remember to actually write next weeks!

3 thoughts on “TTT-Online Resources For Book Lovers

  1. I feel your pain about the post. I couldn’t work out why a single person hadn’t looked at my WWW Wednesday post last week and then realised that it hadn’t posted!! It finally went up on Friday. Love the ideas. I definitely need to do more with my Pinterest account.


    • I hear that! It happens to the best of us! I read other people’s posts on Pinterest all the time but can never remember to post on there myself, so I feel ya.


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