Reading and Blog Goals for 2022

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! What are your plans? Are you going to curl up with a good book, like me? Or are you going to party hard, in your living room, with a good book, also like me? Yup. the Hubs and I are living it up. Partying hard, as it were.

Since it is New years, it’s the time for New Years Resolutions. I don’t typically make them since I break them so easily. I seriously cannot hold a resolution to save my life.

But why am I putting myself through this again when it didn’t work in 2021?

I have no idea. Glutton for punishment maybe?

Read More Non-Fiction! I think this will forever be on my list. Reading more non-fiction is never a bad thing. And, technically, this is a resolution I did keep by reading 6 non-fiction books in 2021 as opposed to 2020s 2. So improvements are still happening!

Buy Fewer Books! That’s right, I’m going on a buying ban…sort of. I’ll still have to buy books for book clubs and of course when the sale is just too good for words. And this probably won’t last all year, but for now, I must restrain myself!

Read My TBR Shelf! This one is going to be hard. I know I’ll want to quit at some point because a lot of the excitement comes from reading the newest thing, but I’m not going to have a newest thing because I’m not going to be buying as many books (see above). So yeah, read my way through my TBR stack, shelf, cart, etc.

Write More Reviews! So I’ve been doing pretty good with reviews, but I need to write more. My problem is that I look at reading as a fun experience, and don’t always think about reviewing the book until a week has passed and I think to myself “self, that would have been a good book to review”. So yeah, review more books.

So yeah, there you have it, my very short list of Goals for reading and blogging this year. I’m keeping it short because short is doable. Long is intimidating and will make you quit before you’ve even thought about it!

What are your goals? Do you even have goals? Do you think I’m crazy?

Spoiler alert, I’m probably crazy.

3 thoughts on “Reading and Blog Goals for 2022

  1. Goals are always good to have even if you miss them. I’m aiming to read more non fiction too so I’ve signed up to the non fiction challenge in the hope that it will give me a bit of encouragement


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