Bookish Merchandise I’d Love to Own

Hello beautiful people! It’s a beautiful day outside today in the Dallas area and I have been out running errands on this blue sky day. But it’s Top Ten Tuesday! Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl and was originally created by The Broke and the Bookish. This week is all about bookish merch I would love to own…hence the title.

This T-Shirt from TeeTurtle

I think it accurately displays how we all feel after the end of a good book. We get the sads cause it’s over. Sometimes we get the sads becuase it really made us cry! You can find the shirt here.

This T-Shirt from Out of Print

This book sparked a love of Greek mythology that still lives inside of me. You can find the shirt here. Bonus points to Out of Print for using the sales of their shirts to fund literacy programs across the country.

This T-Shirt from Etsy

I really want this one, given where I now work. You can find it here.

This Book Sleeve

I found this one whilst scrolling the interwebs a while ago. I feel it rings true. You can find it here.

This Sticky Tab Set

I really want to try to annotate my books, especially those I want to review that aren’t on my Kindle. This seem like good tabs to use for that. Also, there is about 480 of them. You can find them here.

This Bookish Puzzle

This pretty puzzle looks as frustrating as it does fun. it would look great spread out on my coffee table. Until my cat knocks it over. You can pick it up here.

This Bookish Embroidery

Embroidery is one of those hobbies you can do while listening to an audiobook. I love it. And I want this kit. You can find it here.

This Car Decal

I just got a new car, so I’m a little hesitant about this one, but it looks like something I would have on my vehicle. It’s available here.

This Unique and Adorable Bookmark

I love the way this adorable little bookmark looks. And you get eight of them! You can pick them up here.

This Magnet

I want this for my TBR cart, not my fridge. But I love it so much! You can find it on ETSY here.

Is it cheating that three of my bookish things are t-shirts? I don’t think so, as I want them all. What’s really funny is there were a few things I went to go add and I realized I had already purchased them. Oh well.

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