Weekly Round-Up: June 25, 2022

Well hello beautiful humans. How is your Saturday going? Mine is going pretty well. I’m trying to finish a book from the stack that is sitting next to me on the couch. There are about six of them there. I’m not saying I have a problem…but yeah, it’s a problem.

It is time for the weekly round-up though, so let’s get to it!

What I Read This Week:

The Time I Got Drunk and Yeeted a Love Potion at a Werewolf by Kimberly Lemming

Um, yeah. Thanks TikTok. This story is about exactly what it says on the cover. This was a romance novel set very much in a fantasy world, but it was filled with subtle pop culture references. Plus, dragons. It’s a shorty, but be forewarned, there are some…tentacles. I skipped that part.

Faking with Benefits by Lily Gold

So this was my first reverse harem romance book. First of all, it was all spice, so this kind of book just really wasn’t for me. But I kept reading for some reason. It did have an interesting plot, a woman’s love life is terrible and her neighbors decide they are going to fake date her to teach her how to achieve a relationship. I’m reading another book by this author because it was free on Kindle Unlimited, but I’m not enjoying it and am probably going to DNF it. Reverse Harems just aren’t my jam.

A Mirror Mended by Alix E. Harrow

The continuing story of Zinnia Gray from A Spindle Splintered. This one involves a Evil Queen. I enjoyed this story and had a lot of fun reading this Novella. Be warned, it’s only around 130 pages, and some of those are taken up by art, which shortens it even more. I like the art though, it doesn’t detract from the story. I did write a review on this which you will be able to see linked down below.

Instagram Posts:

I had one that I forgot to actually post, so that doesn’t count. It will go up tomorrow…I hope.

Blog Posts:

On Monday I explained why I was choosing to say goodbye to NetGalley. It’s going to be interesting.

Tuesday was an unexpected post as I got locked out of my blog…sorta. I could still get into it on my mobile device, thankfully. That has now been resolved.

Wednesday was a WWW Wednesday. As usual I went over what I was planning on reading. Eh. It never works out the way I plan.

Thursday was the review for A Mirror Mended. Spoiler alert, I liked this book.

In Other News:

On top of everything else I’m reading I picked up this short title:

I have been asked to DM an all women gathering of Dungeons and Dragons. Luckily my husband has what is basically the DM starter pack so we can play in person. I’m very excited. I’m either going to do really well, or suck so hard. Oh well, its everyone’s first campaign, so we will have a good time either way. And if I need tips, I can always watch Critical Role to feel completely inadequate.

How was your week?

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