Happy Star Wars Day!

May the 4th be with you!

I love that pun.  nevermind that it is a very clever marketing tool to get Star Wars fans everywhere to buy new merch and watch the movies.  It totally works.

I mean, I woke up this morning to buy a pair of Star Wars Minnie ears from Disney for my upcoming trip only to find out that they were more than I was willing to pay for something I was only going to wear once.  $80 for a pair of Minnie ears Disney?  Really?

They were cute though.

Droid Ear Headband by Ashley Eckstein for Her Universe – Star Wars – Limited Release

It may be a day for merch, but it’s also a day for nostalgia.

See, my first memories of Star Wars are shared with my father.  He was the first person I saw the original trilogy with.  And I’m not gonna lie, after the last movie, Rise of Skywalker, I may have cried in the theater as the credits were rolling because I wasn’t able to share this final movie with him.

It was bittersweet.

So today, I’ll watch that original trilogy.  I’ll celebrate all things Star Wars.  I’ll remember my dad and the times we spent watching the movie together.

Today, I will be unapologetically nerdy.  Just the way May the 4th is supposed to be.

A Cathartic Cooking Experience

Last week I made a pre-Thanksgiving treat for my husband’s co-workers.

My family’s Chicken and Dumplings!


This recipe is a family rite of passage.  To learn is to have the knowledge of one of the most delicious foods to ever pass your lips.  It’s a fun tradition to have to pass down.


But its also bittersweet.  See, my dad taught me how to make this recipe.  And while I was making it I thought about all the good times we had making this together.

A lot of the time it was me rolling out the dough and him going “it’s not thin enough”  or “you need more flour!”.  These are things I already could tell, except for that first time.  That first time I was still eager for my father’s guidance.


But mostly it was about just being together in the kitchen.  Like giving mom a hard time, or talking to guests who had come over for the feast.  Let’s be real, for something like this, which is made from scratch and takes all day to cook, you only make it on holidays.


I miss my dad, but I’m glad I have this meal with these memories.


Veterans Day

Today is a bittersweet day for me.

Yes, it’s a day when we proudly stand up as a nation and say “we support our veterans”.  But this year my family lost two of them.

My father and my second cousin.

They both served their country and after the wars they fought, they each came home to fight two very different battles.  But battles they were nonetheless.

We love and miss you both.



This Was Not A Vacation

Hi.  How ya doing?  Me, I’m just over here hiding in case you want to throw things at me.

Yes, I know,  I’ve been gone a large portion of the last couple of months.  And yes, I was pretty much just plain ole gone last month.  I actually have a really good reason for that.

See, my father passed away.

We laid him to rest this past weekend.  It was a wonderful military service and the small enclave was packed full of people who loved my dad.

My cousin did the memorial and it was amazing.  We laughed until we cried.  Then we cried some more.  And then laughed some more.  Just like dad would have wanted.

And now I find myself entering the real world again.  I had spent the last month in Florida or Tenessee, but now I am home.  I had this buffer of family and friends in both places and they filled my time with joy and laughter.  I honestly don’t think I could ever tell them how much that meant to me.

So while I have always tried to keep my posts light and fun, and I still will, I might be working through a few of my emotions here on my little corner of the internet.

The next post is a sad one too.

I have issues.  And tissues.

I probably should have purchased some stock in the Kleenex company.  They certainly have gotten enough of my money lately.