Sketching Out A Gift

One of my favorite hobbies is embroidery.  Among other things, I find it soothing and relaxing.

The hubs and I are gaining a new niece this year!  How exciting!

These two things are connected.  I promise.  I’m not just randomly talking about two unrelated events and/or occurrences.


See, I am going to be making an embroidered gift for the new baby.  I’d been looking for ideas on ETSY, something I could take inspiration from without actually stealing their work.  That is no good the stealing of work!

I stumbled across this one Etsy shop.  I can’t link it for fear that my sister in law might see it and have the gift spoiled.  Suffice it to say, inspiration struck.

I spent the last couple of days looking at line art online.  and I managed to come up with something pretty cool.


I’m excited to get started on the actual embroidery part of it.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and buy all the DMC at the craft store!


Embroidering the Day Away

Everyone has a hobby.  That small thing they like to do to get them through the more restful (Re: boring) moments of their lives.  Some people like to build model trains, make bullet journals, or knit.

I embroider.


I got this as a full kit here.  While this particular kit is no longer available, this Etsy shop is full of kits that are great for beginners, which is what I am.

I started this hobby last year in about July.  My sewing craft of choice has always been needlepoint, but there aren’t a lot of kits available that I haven’t already done/don’t want to do.  I needed something I could sit and do to keep my ADD from going bonkers.

It does that sometimes.

And this isn’t the same embroidery that you usually think of when you think of embroidery.   For example, I love this kit, which you can find here.


A Few Things

Hello and well met! I figured I might as well share a few things about myself with you.

I own a cat. More specifically, I rescued a seal point Siamese several years ago and then she adopted me. She, as evidenced by the photo below, rules the roost.

I have a library. Kind of. It’s small, but it’s mine. Well, ours. When my husband and I were selecting our current dwelling, having a home for our books was as important as having a home for us! I will say this though, that if I have learned nothing else in this life it is that reading is a joy like none other.

I’m a nerd which means I like most nerd things. Comics (X-men, Witchblade!), movies(Lord of the Rings!), video games (Zelda!), TV shows (Stargate!). I mean the list can go on and on and on and on and on. You get the idea.

If you haven’t guessed by the earlier paragraph, I am married. I am quite happily locked in holy matrimony to one poor lost soul who stumbled my way. He’s mine and I get to keep him! I mean, he got a man cave when we bought the house and I got him to promise to never leave. That works out, right?

I like embroidery as a hobby. I started a few months ago so I am still learning, but it is fun. I have gotten most of my kits off of ETSY, and learned off of YouTube tutorials. Great place for learning things that YouTube.

One thing you will discover about me, I’m not very good at ending blog posts!