When the “Worst” Thing Happens

Okay, so not the worst, worst thing.  But still.

The worst thing happened!

My Nintendo Switch died!

I should maybe explain that I started playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons recently.  I had never played an Animal Crossing game before.  I found it highly entertaining.  I played, according to my Switch before it died, for 125 hours or more.   Not to mention the hours I had put into my replay of Breath of the Wild.

Then on Saturday, I put my Switch to sleep to go make dinner, and it didn’t want to wake back up.

I did everything I could to bring it back.  I even called my husband down to come and look at it.

Nothing worked.  It was well and truly dead.


My husband did have one minor solution though.  See, we are a two switch household.  We discovered a while ago that we both like playing Switch game and taking it on trips and the like.  So two Switches quickly became a necessity in our lives.

The hubs just suggested I use his until we could send mine off to Nintendo for repairs.  Which will be a while, since the repair center is closed due to Covid-19, as it should be.

With the hubs’ great sacrifice, I was off!

I did have to start the game all over again, but I learned from the last time I played.  What took me almost two weeks to do last time, took me a day and a half to do this time.

I’m trying hard not to do things the same way.  I picked a different roof color for my house, for example.  And of course, the island is different.  And I got all new villagers, which is great, though I did like my old villagers.

Oh!  And because I had gotten Nintendo Switch Online, I didn’t lose all my gameplay for Breath of the Wild!  Still wish you could back your Animal Crossing island up though!


Re-Starting Breath of the Wild

On what appeared later to be the 3rd anniversary of the release of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I decided to replay the game.

Completely start from scratch. From nothing.  All my found Korok seeds, gone.  All my progress, including having actually defeated Calamity Ganon, erased.

Hours and hours of gameplay wiped out with just one stroke.

Yes, I am glad I did it.

Breath of the Wild is my favorite game.  The game is so expansive!  And from the 120 shrines you can conquer to the 900 Korok seeds to find, there is no shortage of things to do.

And while I do enjoy playing other video games, I’m a Nintendo girl, this one holds my heart.

I’m not gonna lie,  just about any Zelda game is my jam, but this one, this one is super special.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have hours and hours of gameplay to lose myself in.