Something to Make You Smile

If you are feeling down right now here are some Facebook and/or Instagram pages to fill your feed and bring a smile to your face!

Bertie the Pom: Bertie is a Brown Pomeranian and is absolutely adorable. He looks like Paddington Bear!  Facebook  Instagram 


The Awkward Yeti: It’s a series of comics about fun-loving Heart and serious Brain. Always good for a chuckle or a smile.  Facebook Instagram


Lunarbaboon: Another comic series about a man and his mental health journey. It’s very positive and heartwarming as he goes about life with his family.  Facebook Instagram


Norbert: Norbert is an adorable therapy dog (his little tongue sticks out!!!) who also happens to be very tiny! He’s very very cute. Facebook Instagram


Nathan W. Pyle: He draws aliens doing human things. Need I say more.  Facebook Instagram


Catana Comics: One last comic series. It’s all humorous little glimpses into the artist’s life with her fiance! The cartoons are adorably sweet.  Facebook Instagram


And here you have it!  A few accounts I follow that make me smile in these troubling times.

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