Trying to Have a Green Thumb

I’m trying, desperately trying, to have a green thumb.

See, I have killed most of the plants I have had over the last few years.  Well, the hubs killed at least one.  It was an accident!  But still!  He killed it!  And it was the first one!  My first plant.  Well, the first indoor plant.  And the outdoor ones all seem to do fine.

So far.


See that one plant?  the plant with all the dead leaves?  It was a gift and I’ve barely kept it going.  I’m splitting it up and re-potting some of it so that the rest survives.


I found these cute little pots at Marshalls today to re-pot one of the plants with.  So naturally, since I only really needed the one pot, I had to find a new plant to go in the other pot.


I’m hoping this little guy will survive a long time!


He’s part of my collection!  Hopefully, they will all survive!


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