Trying to Have a Green Thumb

I’m trying, desperately trying, to have a green thumb.

See, I have killed most of the plants I have had over the last few years.  Well, the hubs killed at least one.  It was an accident!  But still!  He killed it!  And it was the first one!  My first plant.  Well, the first indoor plant.  And the outdoor ones all seem to do fine.

So far.


See that one plant?  the plant with all the dead leaves?  It was a gift and I’ve barely kept it going.  I’m splitting it up and re-potting some of it so that the rest survives.


I found these cute little pots at Marshalls today to re-pot one of the plants with.  So naturally, since I only really needed the one pot, I had to find a new plant to go in the other pot.


I’m hoping this little guy will survive a long time!


He’s part of my collection!  Hopefully, they will all survive!


The Art of Finding a Therapist, Part One

So I am currently trying to find a therapist.  After all the loses over the past few months, some counseling seems like a good idea.  My doctor was helpful and provided me with a 6-page list of therapists to choose from.

6 pages!  Front and Back!  12 pages total!  Ack!!!

You think I kid, but I do not.  Luckily, only 4 of those pages were for adult therapies/in the area of town I was looking.

Gotta have that criteria.

Speaking of, here are a few tips to helping you find a therapist before you even meet with one.  Or, at least, tips I used when trying to find a therapist.

1. Do your research.  A google search is great, but don’t forget to look at their websites and check their approach to therapy.  Make sure their approach aligns with your goals.  Scour those websites.  Check the address to make sure it’s in a real building.  Check reviews if you can find them.

2. Call multiple therapists.  Some may not call you back for days, and some may not call you back at all.

3. Don’t be afraid to make appointments with multiple therapists.  It may take a while before you find someone you really click with.

So far I’ve researched and called 2 pages of this list and only have two appointments.  It’s slow going, but I know the end result will be worth it.


I’m Now A Flexitarian

I went to the doctor yesterday for a follow-up visit to find out how my medications were working.

Turns out they are working fine.  But me, well I could be working better.

See, the last time I went my doctor told me I had to lose some weight.  Not a lot.  Just about 30 pounds or so.  Nothing major.

I cut out Cokes and most processed foods.  The egg allergy has kinda helped with that and with cutting out most fast foods and fried foods from my life.  It also helped with cutting out things like cookies and cakes and other sweet treats as well.

I also started to do some light yoga a couple of times a week.

Needless to say, I have lost zero pounds.

Why?  Well, for all the cutting out I did, I can still eat at Taco Bell.

Not anymore.  No more tacos for me.

The doctor has told me that while she does want me to lose weight, but not on any on the fancy diets, like keto.  No, she wants me to become something called a flexitarian.

According to, a flexitarian is someone whose diet is mostly vegetarian but does eat some meat, poultry, or fish.

I also have to cut out added sugars, most dairy, some carbs (not all carbs though), and red meat.

Bye bye hamburgers.  Hello Impossible Burgers.