A Case for the Kindle

I know what your thinking.

Why do a post about something that tons of readers already own?  Or can use on their phones?


Because quite a few don’t.

I used to be one of those people who thought that a Kindle (or any e-reader really) was useless.  Who could possibly want one of those?  Books are superior!  The smell of the pages.  The way a spine cracks on a new book.  Being able to pick a great bookmark.

All of these things are fantastic.  And don’t get me wrong, I have an entire library full of books to read.

But I also have a Kindle.



My first Kindle was a gift from the hubs before he was the hubs!  He had given it to me right before we were going on our first beach trip together.  He wanted me to be able to take as many books as I could!

Yes, he is the sweetest.

But I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this new device.  I had always been firmly in the ‘books good, Kindle bad’ camp.  Because, to paraphrase Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, books should have a smell.

Suffice it to say, after not having to lug a week’s worth of reading materials to the beach and back, I was a convert.

Now I’m on my second Kindle, I wanted the one that lights up so I could read in bed while the hubs is sleeping without disturbing him.

One of the advantages to the Kindle are the great sales that Amazon regularly has.  You can often find books for $0.99 or higher, sometimes free, in the Kindle store.  New releases are also often cheaper in the Kindle store than they are in hardcover on release day.

You can even borrow library books on your Kindle, which is a great perk. You can also store hundreds of books on your device.  I love that it takes up less space in my purse than an actual book, so I have more room for important things, like receipts.

I also love the complete lack of glare you get when using it.  That’s something you don’t get when using the Kindle app on your phone.  It’s a huge plus when you are in the bright sun somewhere, say on the beach or at the park, and you don’t have to worry about the glare.  Stupid glare!

The real question is do I, a girl who is constantly buying new books to read in physical form because I just can’t help myself, like the Kindle more or less than actual books?

The answer is I like it the same.



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