Monthly Wrap Up-November 2021

Well hello happy people! How are y’all doing today? I’m doing pretty well. I’ve been running around like crazy trying to get a bunch of things done. Did I procrastinate doing these things before I left town? Yes. Am I considering procrastinating them now? Also yes.

Sigh. I’m such an adult.

Anyway, it’s monthly wrap up time. This was a good month for me. Not reading wise, I’ll get into that in a later post, but other than that, good month.

I was busy getting ready for our trip to see the Hubs’ folks. And then there was the actual trip to see them. I learned how to make a quilt top! That was so much fun. I really have a good with Hubs mom. She is such a wonderful person. Speaking of wonderful people, my mom was at Thanksgiving dinner! It was so much fun to be surrounded by both parts of my family and the food was amazing.

But on to the wrap up! I managed to get 22 posts up last month, which seems impressive, but the week month started on a Monday, so that gave us a few extra days of posting.

I didn’t manage to post that much to Instagram. I hoping to make more of a effort this month. I require nice pictures for the monthly wrap up posts!

On to the Wrap Up!

More New Releases- November 2021: November has a lot of new releases. Heck, a book that I bought when it came out (that wasn’t on this list) has sold out pretty much everywhere. It’s pretty crazy how it’s working out right now. Basically, buy those books when they release!

TTT-Books I Would Hand to Someone Who Claims to Hate Reading: This was a fun one to do. I enjoyed all of these books an liked getting to share them with you.

WWW Wednesday-November 3rd: I’m not gonna lie, I struggled with the books in this post. It was a rough start to the month.

All The Books I Read-October 2021: I hit October’s reading out of the park. I read 11 books in October and am pretty pleased by that!

First Lines Fridays-November 5th 2021: Who would have thought that when I started doing First Lines Friday I would enjoy doing it so much? I sure didn’t.

Biggest Book Haul Ever-October 2021: October holds within it that most sacred of days…my birthday. I got a few gift cards, which I used to buy a fair few books. Just a hint, want to make me happy with gifts, buy me gift cards so I can buy books.

TTT-Memorable Things Characters Have Said: A Top Ten Tuesday with my favorite quotes from books! I couldn’t remember who said what, but it was fun remembering the quotes!

WWW Wednesday-November 10th: Another week were I struggled to get through the books on the list. Reading was not my friend this month.

A Turkey Day TBR-November 2021: I had a pretty decent sized TBR this month. The question of whether or not I failed will be answered later.

First Lines Friday-November 12th: This FLF is an anticipated read that I probably won’t get to for a thousand years because that’s just how I roll. It’s sad, I know.

You Feel It Just Below The Ribs-A Book Review: So…yeah. spoiler alert, I didn’t like this book. Read the review to find out why.

TTT-Books to Read if You Love/Loved X: So I totally failed at this one. But I have a few options on this list. Go check it out to see what I recommended.

WWW Wednesday-November 17th: Oh look, another bad reading week. There is a theme to this month, you may have noticed.

Bookish Gift Ideas: With the holidays coming, I thought I would throw out some, well, book themed gift ideas that

First Lines Friday-November 19th: So this particular book I have picked up no less than four times to try and finish. I’m guessing it will live forever on my TBR.

Thanksgiving Book Tag-Part One: I really enjoyed this turkey day tag. T’was a fun, festive post!

TTT-Characters I’d Love An Update On: I really enjoy looking back on characters I love. I will say, fanfiction is a good way to imagine the characters lives after the story ends. Anyway, go see who I picked for this list.

WWW Wednesday-November 24th: Well this post ended up being a lie. I wrote it before I left town for Thanksgiving and just…failed at it. Le sigh.

Thanksgiving Book Tag-Part Two: I was very careful not to make every answer the same between the two Turkey Day tags. It worked, for the most part.

First Lines Friday-November 26th: This FLF was for a book that has sat on my TBR for over two years. I’m embarrassed. Kind of.

Piranesi-A Book Review: So I read this book. I had some thoughts. Not all of them bad. Go see how many stars I gave it.

TTT-Bookish Memories: I feel like I bared a part of my soul here. It was a very fun post to write and brought up a lot of fun memories for me.

And there it is. All of last months post. I love looking back and seeing what I wrote. It’s a fun little habit.

My most read post was All the Books I Read-October 2021, and my most liked post was that same post. It doesn’t always work that way. But sometimes it does.

How was your November?

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