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Well hello, beautiful people! Today I have combed the finest internets to present to you some audiobook resources. We all have our favorites, but some of us might not know of these. Unfortunately, I cannot vouch for their international availability, but they are present here in the states.


Chirp is a subscription-free audiobook website. On top of featuring the hottest audiobooks, they also offer deals on a lot of them, some as low as $0.99. The phone app is good for ease of use listening on the go.


Scribd is a subscription service that offers both audiobooks and ebooks to read. The cost is currently set at $9.99 a month. They offer new releases, sometimes when they are released, sometimes a little while later. I love their audiobook selection and have spent a lot of time with them recently. is a subscription service in which you get to pick and keep an audiobook each month. You can also listen to podcasts with the service. They even have a family plan to select so more than one person can use the account. The plans start at $14.95 a month. I haven’t used them though so…

Kindle Unlimited Audiobooks

So Kindle Unlimted is a great service offered by Amazon that costs $9.99 a month. With it, you get access to thousands of ebooks. So how about I didn’t know you got audiobooks until very recently? Yup. It’s included.


Amazon’s mega-giant of an audiobook subscription service. They even do podcasts and Audible originals. These originals can be anything from one-off stories to an exclusive recording of a hit book. The service runs from $9.99 to $14.95. You only get audiobooks you can keep on the $14.95 plan.


LibroFM is like the indie bookseller of audiobooks. In fact, you can select an indie bookstore to support with your membership and purchases. The service runs for $14.99 a month, and with a membership, you can purchase additional audiobooks for 30% off list price.


You’ve heard me rave about the Libby app before, but have I told you it has audiobooks on top of all the ebooks they have? Libby runs through your local library, so the audiobooks are free. Who doesn’t like reading free books? You just need a library card to sign up. It’s very user-friendly. The downside is that sometimes you have to wait for the book to become available, but it’s always worth it…unless the book is bad.

So which services would I recommend?

Personally, I like to use Scribd and Libby. Between the two of them, I can usually find what I’m looking for. Scribd also lets you download the audiobook, so you don’t have to worry about using your data if you have a plan that works like that (me!). I do go back to Audible at least once a year (usually during Prime week, as they offer free credits) to pick up a few books that I want to keep.

What is your favorite audiobook service?

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