Weekly Round-Up: March 19, 2022

Well hello, beautiful people! How was your week? Mine has been insane (hence this being posted on a Sunday!). I have been running all over the greater Dallas area like a chicken with its head cut off all week. And I still have stuff I need to do! Does anyone want to come over and clean my house for me?

What I Read This Week

Get a Life, Cloe Brown by Talia Hibbert

I thoroughly enjoyed my time listening to this audiobook. The narrator for this, Adjoa Andoh, did a great job. It helped to fill the time I spent in the car this week and kept my spirits up while I was running my errands at the beginning of the week. I also really liked how they portrayed each character’s mental health journey in this book. Chloe is actually a disabled person, so I think I am going to look up reviews featuring own voices to see how well the author portrayed that aspect.

Instagram Posts

My Instagram has been very neglected these past few weeks. Sigh.

Blog Posts

I missed Monday due to the need for a Mental Health break. Sometimes a woman has to look out for herself, you know?

Tuesday saw my return to the blog with a Top Ten Tuesday post all about my Spring TBR. Let’s see how well I do with that, shall we?

I skipped Wednesday. Honestly, I just ran out of time to write anything. This week has been utterly chaotic, and Wednesday paid the price for it. Sorry Wednesday.

Thursday I did a post that was all about Audiobook resources. Basically different places where you can find audiobooks. I also gave you my favorite places of the few I did list.

Friday was First Lines Friday. It’s a book that has been on my TBR since 2014. I’m clearly doing well with this TBR thing.

In Other News

So we know Brandon Sanderson launched a Kickstarter. But did you know that fantasy author Will Wight launched a Kickstarter too? His is a smaller following, but they are loyal. He was only asking for $10,000 and got over $500,000!

The Hubs loves his writing, so we couldn’t help but back this one. If you want to back it, there are only 5 days left to go on this one!

How was your week last week?

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