Monthly Blog Wrap Up-October 2021

Well hello there!

It’s almost time for my re-watch of Gilmore Girls. Which means it’s almost November. That means it’s monthly wrap-up time!

More New Releases-October 2021: I started this month off a little differently with the new releases for the month. This is the second new release of October posts I have written. I hope you go your orders in! Especially because one of the books I mentioned in my original post is headed to a second printing but won’t be available until March! March!

TTT-Bookish Pet Peeves: This week’s Top Ten Tuesday was bookish pet peeves. I liked coming up with this list. The last one on that list is my favorite.

WWW Wednesday-October 6th: This is the week I read Child of Light. There is a review post later on in this post.

Every Book I Read in September 2021: I read ten books in September. What a month. Of course, it was helped along by all the Mercy Thompson books I read. But still. Ten books!

Child of Light-A Book Review: And here is where I reviewed Child of Light by Terry Brooks. Spoiler alert, I didn’t love it.

TTT- Favorite Book Settings: A list of my favorite book settings. There were the obligatory ones, like Middle Earth and Hogwarts, but also some not-so-obvious ones.

WWW Wednesday-October 13th: I was reading two books at once this week. I’m not saying I have a problem, but I have a problem.

Book Haul-September 2021: And this is where I posted my September Book Haul. Just wait until you see October’s!

First Lines Friday-October 17th: This was my first attempt at First Lines Friday. I have seen other bloggers do this and thought I would give it a try.

A Spooky TBR-October 2021: My TBR for the month was filled with spooky books, which is funny because I don’t read spooky books. Usually.

TTT-Online Resources For Book Lovers: I shared my favorite online things for book lovers. But I feel like I left one off. It’s a great website that supports local bookstores.

WWW Wednesday-October 20th: I was reading A Cosmology of Monsters at this point. I did not finish that one.

The Ex Hex-A Book Review: Um, I reviewed a book. Twas a good book. Read more about it in my review!

First Lines Friday-October 22, 2021: Another First Lines Friday. I am really enjoying this meme!

Noor-A Book Review: I read Noor by Nnedi Okorafor. I liked it. Check out the full review.

TTT-Halloween Freebie: This mess of a post was all of my favorite Halloween things. It included things from The Addams Family to that 12-foot skeleton.

WWW Wednesday-October 27th: In which I admit to my love of fanfiction. AO3 for the win!

Why Do I DNF?: A post that includes all the reasons I DNF a book. Of course, now that I’ve posted this list, I will for sure think of something else to add to the list.

First Lines Friday-October 29th: I must say, I am loving doing this meme. It’s a lot of fun picking out the books I use for the first lines. Mind you this is only my third post for this meme, but still.

My two most popular posts for the month were WWW Wednesday-October 6th and TTT Tuesday-Online Resources for Book Lovers. It’s always fun to go back and see these things!

I hope you all enjoy this Saturday before Halloween! Happy Spooky Days!

Monthly Wrap Up-June 2021

It’s the end of the month, which means it’s monthly wrap up time! I love having all the posts I’ve done wrapped up in one place. It’s nice to look back at the work I’ve done.

On to the posts!

Every Book I Read-May 2021: This is the monthly post that goes over every book I read in the previous month. It also includes my reading stats for the month. I love looking at my reading stats. I get them from The Storygraph and I absolutely love that website.

Every Book I Bought-May 2021: This particular monthly post was a doosey. I bought a few books during the month of May. And by a few I mean a lot of books. A lot of books.

Every New Release I Want-June 2021: I do this post every month too. I love plumbing the depths of the internet (*coughs* Amazon *coughs*) to find the newest releases I am most excited about.

A Small TBR: I had stopped doing TBR’s for a while because I am a mood reader. In June I decided to do an LGBTQ+ books TBR for myself. You’ll have to stay tuned to see how I did.

Tips For Planning A Trip to Disney: I decided to share the tips, and the places I learned those tips, in planning my trip to Disney this past April.

Lost in the Never Woods-A Book Review: I read a book! Was it good? Was it bad? Go check out the review for my full thoughts.

My Top 5 So Far in 2021: I decided to do a list of my top five books of the year so far. It’s a good list, if I do say so myself.

And that’s my monthly wrap up! With Bonus Instagram pics!

Monthly Wrap Up-May 2021

It’s monthly wrap up time!

Everything I Read In April 2021: I read one book in April. I talked briefly about it here.

Every Book I Bought In April 2021: I definitely bought more than one book in April.

Every New Book I Want-May 2021: There were a few books I wanted this month.

I Joined the Library!: Um, I joined the library. It was great!

Broken (in the best possible way)-A Book Review: I reviewed Jenny Lawsons excellent memoir. Spoiler alert, I loved it.

Our Trip to Walt Disney World: We went to Disney! Wild Kermit Arms!

The Midnight Library-A Book Review: I reviewed Matt Haig’s The Midnight Library. I loved this too. Go figure.

So that’s every blog post I made in May. I seriously almost wrote down April. It’s because my husband is home due to it being Memorial Day. Yeah. We’ll go with that.

January 2021 Wrap Up

Well would you look at that. It’s the first wrap up of the new year. How exciting!

This month started off strong right out of the gate because I was doing my year end wrap ups!

My Favorite Reads of 2020: I assembled all my 5 star reads for the year into one convenient post for you to peruse.

2020 Reading Stats: Ever since I discovered The Storygraph I have been obsessed with keep track of my stats for the month. This time I did it for the year!

Everything I Read in December 2020: This month included one of the cutest books I read all year. Plus, more The Storygraph stats!

Skipping the TBR: I confessed to wanting to skip the TBR for now. I’ll keep you updated on that.

Blogging and Reading Goals for 2021: I went over my, well, blogging and reading goals for the year.

Martha and Marley Spoon-a Break Up: We parted ways with our meal delivery service. Spoiler alert, we left Hello Fresh too.

My First Experience with Book Outlet: I decided to try using Book Outlet since I had heard so much about it. It was a pretty good time to be had.

The House in the Cerulean Sea-A Book Review: I reviewed a book. And in a surprise twist to absolutely no one who has read this book, I loved it.

January 2020 New Releases I Want: Here are some of the books that were being released that I wanted.

All Souls Trilogy-A Book Review: I reviewed one of my favorite book trilogies, the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness.

And there are all the posts I wrote for the month of January. Hope you enjoyed them!

December 2020 Wrap Up

Hello everyone! How was your December? Mine was good. Surprisingly busy considering I didn’t even go anywhere. I had a wonderful, and safe, Christmas here at home with the hubs. We missed our family but it was for the best. Also we got to sit around in our PJ’s all day, watch movies, and in the hubs case, build legos.

New Years brought with it more relaxing and some sadness. My uncle very suddenly passed away the morning of New Years Day. He’ll be missed.

And with that depressing note, on to the wrap up.

What I read in November 2020: My reading list for November. This is also when I discovered The Storygraph. Man I love that website.

November 2020 Book Haul: I posted my monthly book haul. Nothing to surprising. I had said I was gonna slow down on the book buying this month. I lied.

What to Read, December TBR: Here you can find my TBR for the month. Spoiler alert, I actually managed it. Sort of. Does it count if you DNF one of the books?

The Autobiography of Santa Claus- A Book Review: I cannot stress enough how much I loved this book. It was so sweet and heart warming.

12 Days of Christmas Book Tag: I did my first book tag! Huzzah! It was themed after the 12 days of Christmas. I enjoyed doing it!

Old Man’s War-A Book Review: I read Old Man’s War by John Scalzi. It was pretty good. Naturally, I wrote a review about it.

The Festive Christmas Book Tag: I actually liked doing this one more than the first one. I think I did better with this one. I’m going to try and do more books tags and see how my answers change!

A Night of Christmas Lights: I shared the time we went to look at the Christmas lights in Grand Prairie, TX. It was a lot of fun!

Book of the Month- A Review: I joined Book of the Month in November and decided to review my experience. Spoiler alert, it was pleasant.

Christmas Book Haul 2020: I received book type gifts for Christmas! So I shared what I got with you, because why not.

2020 Review Round Up: I did a round up of my reviews from this year. Will I do it again next year? I don’t know, it depends on how many books I review.

Books I Did Not Finish in 2020: Pretty much what it says on the tin. It’s all the books I DNF’d in 2020!

And there you go. Everything I posted in December. A few more posts then usual due to the fact that it was the end of the year. Oh well. Just means it was more for me to write. And since I happen to like writing, it works out well!

November 2020 Round Up

Well hello. How are you? Did you have a good Turkey Day? Was your Black Friday shopping fruitful? I hope you got all the good deals.

I don’t really do Black Friday shopping unless its online from my couch. Cyber Monday is my jam.

What I Read in October 2020: We have to put those monthly qualifiers on everything, don’t we? This post was, obviously, a list of everything I read in October.

Birthday or October 2020 Book Haul: This is exactly what it says on the tin. A list of all the books I bought during my birthday month!

What to Read-My November TBR: This is my TBR for November! What a short list!

November 2020 New Releases I Want!: My list of new releases for November that I, or people that live in my house, want.

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue-A Book Review: Spoiler alert, I liked this book. A lot. You can find the full review here.

Bookish Gifts to Give This Holiday Season: I complied a list of some of my favorite book related gifts to give! Because who wouldn’t want a candle that smells like a bookstore?

The Book Nook: What a fun little piece of art the book nook is. I loved finding this list of book nooks for you!

100th Blog Post: I put together a list of some of my favorite blog posts from the last 99 posts.

Happy Thanksgiving: I wrote a very, very short Thanksgiving day post.

This was a good month for blog posts it seems, except for book reviews. I need to do more of those.

How was your November?